Friday, November 21, 2014


llovestoshare: #365daysofthebaybridge

If you only knew how many pictures I have of the bay bridge since I started working in the city. . . It doesn't matter if it is grey outside, sunny, morning, afternoon, smoggy - I never get tired of it. I've accepted the fact that people probably watch me stop numerous times along the embarcadero to take different angled shots of the bridge almost everyday when I walk in to work. No Shame in my game. If I can't take selfies all day long why not take lots of pictures of the bridge. (I'm totally kidding if you don't know my sense of humor.) But on a serious note, in the past three or four years I can't help but stop and appreciate my surroundings. It doesn't matter where I am, I swear I will find something that I just find so pretty and have to snap a quick pic. I don't own a real camera (although one day I would like a starter DLSR), I just use my iphone. I'm also not a trained photographer, but after passing all my color theory/ observation of design/ perspective drawing courses I do think I have a particular eye for cool things. I usually just post the worthy ones to IG but don't be surprise if you start seeing all of them here - I was half joking when I came up the hashtag but I kinda like the idea.

No worries I'll throw in a few of the Ferry Building or Cupid's Span to keep it interesting.


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